Cancellations and Returns

We accept payments with VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard and JCB. The payment will not be effectuated until we have shipped your order.

Prices are in Euros and are ex. VAT and shipment.

We use a secure server for payment transactions that encrypts all your credit card information through an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means it is not possible to read your personal information.

We use 3D Secure!
3D Secure is led by the credit card schemes and is designed to make online shopping transactions safer by authenticating a cardholder's identity at the time of purchase, through the likes of Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

A transaction using Verified by Visa or SecureCode will redirect cardholders to the website of their card-issuing bank. The cardholder may then be requested by their bank to enter a password to be authenticated. If a customer is not registered with 3D Secure they are still able to make a purchase from your website.

3D Secure is one method for online merchants to combat fraud. SecurePay also offers its FraudGuard product to help make online payments more secure.

2301 København only have a small stock. Production of the products only starts after we have received an order. Therefor the delivery time can vary from 1-4 weeks. More info to be found under each product.

We provide a standard 2 year warranty. This applies for flaws and damages to materials and/or parts that have been inflicted by us/prior to shipment.

The warranty does not apply for damages to materials and/or parts that have occurred through faulty handling of the products and/or damages that have occurred after the product have been unwrapped.

2301 København will cover return expenses at a reasonable level.

Upon return
Please send your reclamation to:

2301 København
Rundholtsvej 119
DK-2300 Copenhagen S.

We do not accept COD returns!

If an agreement on reimbursement have been reached, please send us all your bank informations so we can easily transfer the agreed amount.

We provide a full 14 day cancellation right on items bought in our webshop. This period starts from the day you receive the package. The item must be returned to us no later than 14 days after the date of the reclamation and/or cancellation. Return expenses are to be covered by the client.

The reclamation/cancellation must be sent by e-mail to [email protected] Please write in details the reason for the reclamation or cancellation.

The condition of items to be returned
Only products that have not been damaged through incorrect handling after commissioning can be returned. In other words: you can unpack the product, assemble it and try it out – just like items bought in a real shop. If the item have been used beyond the above described, we consider the product as used, which means you can only receive part of the amount should you regret your order.

To receive the full amount you can do as in a real store: you can try the product, but not bring it into use.

Complaints and links:
If you are residing in another EU country and you wish to complain about products bought in our webshop, you can write your complaint to the EU Commission's online formula here:
If you indicate a complaint you must provide our e-mail address: [email protected]

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