The Story

2301 København is a small independant design studio from Copenhagen, Denmark. Our designs evolve from the things in Copenhagen that inspires us on a daily basis: the streets, alleys, parks, buildings and roofs.

Our style is bold and relaxed at the same time. It has the Scandinavian lightness combined with clear Copenhagen references such as oak, copper, brass and iron. We design all our furniture ourselves and produce them in close collaboration with some of the best local craftsmen around. We only make handmade furniture and they are far from the mass market products that you see on the shelves at most furniture shops.

The result is unique, Scandinavian furniture with a Copenhagen attitude and the quality is top class. If you fancy Scandinavian design, 2301 København might just be what you have been looking for.

Please note: We will continuously introduce new products so keep an eye on the website or follow us on Instagram @2301kbh

Retailers interested in selling our furniture is more than welcome to contact us.

Vi beklager, hvis shoppen ikke fungerer optimalt! Vi arbejder hele tiden på at forbedre købsoplevelsen og sidder altid klar til at hjælpe på tel. 2762 0302. Dismiss